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Looking for professional home and garden photography?

Are you in real estate and need professional home and garden photography? You may need photos of the location and property to help sell it. Nancy has a keen eye for details and an unswerving understanding of composition. The results will provide you with exactly the images you’re looking for. From estate properties to neighborhood homes and gardens, Nancy’s ability to capture the essence of a location is unparalleled. Are you an interior designer in need of great shots? Contact Nancy. She has the skills and the eye to bring your vision to life.

If you’re a landscape architect you will agree that your garden images never looked so good. Garden designers, home owners and anyone who wants photos of their yards or estates can look to New Jersey Media Center. With Nancy Ori’s creative approach to outside lighting and composition, you’ll have the perfect images. See for yourself in the images to the left. Schedule a consultation today!


“Pictures look great. I have about 8 that are my favorites. I am working getting the other properties ready for the next round of photos.”


Harmony Design Group

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