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Nancy Ori is respected internationally as a commercial photographer, instructor and video producer.

Nancy Ori. owner of New Jersey Media Center, LLC in Berkeley Heights, New Jersey, obtained a BA degree in Fine Arts from Elmira College, Elmira, NY where she became increasingly interested in film and photography. She received an MS degree in Visual Communications from Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, NY.

Most importantly to your business, Nancy Ori has the experience and expertise to deliver quality photography on time and within budget.

Specifically, Nancy has…

  • a proven track record of providing innovative, cost-effective communications solutions to support business needs;
  • expertise in international, scientific, safety, marketing, public relations and non-profit assignments;
  • strong project management, communications and presentation skills.

She can plan and manage all aspects of any still photography project. These can include creative design, scripting, cost control, time line development, quality control, confidentiality, production and production direction, sub-contractor selection and contract negotiation.

She also enjoys teaching photography classes and workshops each year throughout the United States and Europe. Nancy has been affiliated for many years with the Ansel Adams Workshop in California. She is also on the faculty of numerous art centers and museums in New Jersey. In 1990, she established The New Jersey Heritage Workshops, a series of painting and photography workshops, held, each spring in Cape May. And in 1995 she established the New Jersey Photography Forum, which is a group of professional and semi-professional photographers that meet regularly to discuss their work as well as exhibit within the state. Photographing in the West Coast tradition of her long-time mentor, Ansel Adams, she expresses her own interpretation of the landscape and architecture. Her photographs reveal a love of light, shadow and form in natural and man-made settings.

Her fine art work is widely exhibited in museums and galleries and appears in the permanent art collections of the Museum of Modern Art, Armand Hammer Museum, Noyes Museum, and the Newark Museum.

Please call for information on classes, workshops, private tutoring or acquiring fine art for your collection.

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